Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Bowling Party - Part 3

Feel free to catch up on the first two parts if you'd like...

So where were we?

Right, so I'm at home with The Engineer, in the middle of an epic fight, and The Pansy is getting her drink on down Whyte with some of the guys. At this point The Gentle Giant is suitably wasted as are Tex, The Musician, and The Pansy. The Musician ran into his band's manager so he ditched out leaving the other three on their own.

The Pansy and The Gentle Giant start having a rather explicit conversation about why exactly it is that 'they can't do this' which manages to creep out Tex who quickly offers to switch spots with The Pansy, so that she can sit next to The Gentle Giant.

They eventually take their conversation outside, and outside the bar quickly turns into standing outside The Gentle Giant's house, the inaugural house tour, and finally getting down to business for 2+ hours (uh, hello bladder infection?).

Fast forward to the morning after, The Pansy stumbles home (one half of her hair curly, the other straight) to wash the scent of man off before her scheduled breakfast date with her Dad.

Back to my side of the story.

I'm with The Engineer who has cleverly convinced me to just use the washroom at his house and is obviously trying to segue that into a quick romp on the leather couch, much to my amusement (we're supposed to be taking a well-deserved break) - you can't have you cake and eat it too. But, he's cute and I have little resolve when it comes to him, so I give in...just a bit.

I get in a little over my head and hastily call it off, much to his annoyance and I retreat to the washroom to make myself presentable/actually go to the washroom. I exit the bathroom only to find him standing there arms crossed with an expectant, amused, slightly irritated smirk on his face. He fully expects me to cave, but not this time.

We resort to childish name-calling and playing the blame game when I come up with easily one of my best argumentative phrases, and he's suddenly quiet. He throws money on the table (for the cab ride, not my services) and tells me that if I want to leave so badly, here's my chance. He gives me one of his classic, 'I'm sorry I let it get this far' looks and tells me to call him later. I'm still angry because I don't forgive and forget all that easily and I sit in silence in the living room while he putters around aimlessly.

I wait for what feels like an hour and rush out the door as the cab pulls up without even a backwards glance. Sleep is fleeting, and not exactly restful and I wonder how it is that I still don't really want to let him go...


Eric said...

"so I give in...just a bit"

sounds like third base at least.

Sucks. Been there though. Got the few "get over here so we can fuck" text messages followed by, "I don't understand where you got that impression" in real life.

Wasn't pissed about the lack of sex. Fact I wanted to talk more then screw. I was just pissed about the whole thing. I'm not your chain.

Charm School Reject said...

I'm confused.....I must have missed something along the way. So you took a break but now your "all the way" broken up?

Clarify this for me so I can comment without sounding like more of an idiot.

team gingerbread said...

eric- yeah it sucks but what can you do?

csr - yeah, something like that. In my mind taking a break meant breaking up, in his, it actually meant taking a break.