Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Soccer Game

"I actually don't really want to play soccer, I just wanted to dress up"

"Ooh, did they just score? I think that means I need to put on the [Producer's fur-collared] jacket again"

One of the boys from one of our South Side stores was kind enough to organize a West vs. South soccer tourney and this week's game was supposed to be Rookies against Veterans but not enough members from one team (I wasn't really paying attention to which) showed up. So it turned into minors vs. adults.

The adult team kicked ass eventually, but it took them awhile to get to that point and the minors has a cache of actual soccer players on their team.

There was a dress code of sorts in effect (either gangsters or old skool) but most people just interpreted that as short shorts and snakeskin pants for the boys, or short shorts and 80s makeup for the girls.

We drank a couple of beer in the change rooms before the game and we (The Pansy, The Aussie's Girlfriend, The Non-black Urban Guy's Girlfriend, and I) all acted as time/scorekeepers. I took it upon myself to try on The Producer's winter jacket which was way too big for me (and for him, I think because it's 2XL) but it made me look sweet, I was just missing a cane.

It looked like a ton of fun, but I wasn't playing because I have a possible case of tonsillitis and The Pansy's breaking in of shoes blisters are really bad right now. But we've planned out our outfits for the next game, and they're going to be fierce (and may or may not include velour)


Maritza said...

Anything that includes outfits and costume changes is okay with me!!

Go team!

team gingerbread said...

I know, we're so stoked for our ridiculous outfits next week.