Monday, January 15, 2007

The Bowling Party - Part 2

Where to begin? Well here's the Coles Notes version of the night (now with 30% more ambiguity).

The Aussie was turning 28 (or is it 29, we're really not that close so I have no clue, but he's nice) and decided to celebrate by going bowling - to quote AirQuote "I guess that's what you do when you get old...don't tell him I said that"

I fully expected it to be quite lame and was already formulating excuses in my head as we were on our way there, but I really had nothing better on my plate and lately I've been all about trying new things (with varying degrees of success).

We got there (The Pansy, AirQuote and I) and promptly ran into the guys (BarelyLegalBoy, The Gentle Giant, and The Musician amongst others) who were busying themselves drinking and playing pool while they waited for the lanes to free up.

Pleasantries were exchanged and after finishing up his game of pool with BarelyLegalBoy, The Gentle Giant went out of his way to get a drink at the furthest bar possible - strange since he claims to be giving up drinking. I thought it was a tad weird because ever since that one night, he hasn't really let himself get drunk around her, as if he's scared of what might happen...

The lanes have freed up, so the guys excuse themselves. The Pansy and AirQuote are in the middle of shooting pool, and we promise to catch up as soon as we're done. 15 minutes later and we sidle up just as they're picking out names for the scoreboard. The Gentle Giant is being really nice (side note: he's never an asshole, he just never really goes out of his way to do anything nice for anyone except customers and The Pansy) and clears all the jackets out of the way so that we can see the action. He casually flits between his group and our group, playfully ribbing The Pansy about her new sweater (FYI - Curious George doesn't wear clothes so that isn't really an apt nickname) and imbibing his fair share of the booze.

The Pansy plays it cool (or oblivious, who knows) and retreats to buy The Aussie a birthday shot but he reveals himself to be a rather cheap drunk "I'm a little bitch!" and she and The Aussie Girlfriend do tequila while he does Sourpuss.

The Pansy is back at the table, she and The Gentle Giant go out for a smoke, I casually decline my non-invite as AirQuote and I joke around about how awkward it would be to just up and join them at this point. The Musician is bowling terribly and rewarding himself with yet more beer - which no doubt had an adverse effect on his game.

Out of nowhere, The Gentle Giant whips out his cell and covertly gets The Non-black Urban Guy to switch shifts with him, so he's now closing, as is The Pansy - suspicious. At this point I figured they were for sure going to hook up, but I didn't voice my suspicions with anyone because BarelyLegalBoy was sitting across from us, and he's an even bigger gossip than The Archaeologist.

The Musician, The Pansy, and I all had a little bro-down about how much we missed The Archaeologist, and what a good guy he is once you really get to know him. The night is rolling along quite well and I'm having a wicked good time which almost never happens when I go into something with a negative mindset. We go out for another smoke break and it's me, The Gentle Giant and The Pansy. The Gentle Giant remembers that it's his friend's birthday but he kinda seems like he doesn't want to leave because he's having a good time and The Pansy's there. He goes in before us because he's cold (he didn't bring his coat out with him) and we quickly finish up and go in as well.

The Non-black Urban Guy and his girlfriend show up later and they're up for a round of bowling (is it even called a round, or is is a set...match...who knows?) but we're all on the train to drunk-town "Someone drank the rest of my pitcher, I swear!" "Um, actually that was you..." "Oh, are you serious? No!". I'm not even sure if they got to bowl. We kicked it for a while and then The Pansy asked me if I'd be mad if they peaced out to Whyte because The Gentle Giant had to meet up with friends.

I assured her that I would be fine on my own and off I went to catch the bus, except it was super cold out and I bitched out and called The Engineer who dutifully came and picked me up. He jokingly told me that if he picked me up I had to sleep with him, those are just the rules. "Agree to disagree" was my coy remark, but I was just really tired and using him to avoid a ride on the bus. We got to his house and started fooling around and then I was just like "What am I doing? I only came in because I had to go to the washroom". Kind of a mood killer, but I went to the bathroom and decided that it was a bad idea and told him I was going home.

I don't even know how that turned into an argument from there, but we got into it. I wasn't feeling it, which is weird because I normally like conflict but I was super tired and just told him "Fuck it! and that if he wanted to rip my head off he'd have to wait until [tomorrow]".

...and then I let him pay for my cab ride home (because he offered - he felt bad).

The Pansy texted me to make sure that I got home ok.

(to be continued)

I just remembered I have 3 gourmet chocolate covered pretzels with my name on them in my bag and this is as good as reason as any to gorge myself.


Anonymous said...

we do dollar bowling every monday night around here. it's pretty lame but the pitchers are cheap and it's a good way to get wasted on a weeknight :] it sounds like it was fun!

team gingerbread said...

Heather- sadly the pitchers weren't cheap, but I wasn't paying either so it's win-win. Apparently, I'm the only one in the world who didn't know that bowling alleys had/served booze and that's why people go

Luckily choleric filled me in...

shirley said...

Weird... I just went to a bowling party this weekend, too. We must be twins!

Eric said...

roller rinks, pitchers, yeah yeah, you know my reply.