Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Bowling Party - Part 1

If you had asked me earlier on in the week what I was doing on Friday night, I probably would have said 'who knows?', but bowling definitely would not have come to mind, yet there we all were celebrating a coworker's birthday.

More emphasis was put on seeing how many pitchers of beer we could put away as opposed to how many pins we knocked down, but it was a good time - one of those 'it's so lame it's cool' moments for sure.

The Gentle Giant, The Pansy, Tex and The Musician all went out on Whyte afterwards while I got a ride home with The Engineer - except I didn't end up staying there opting instead to sleep in my own bed much to his chagrin and I was too tired to get into an argument over nothing in particular so I deftly put off the inevitable fight.

Of course I had simply hoped that he would quickly forget, but no such luck.