Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Hills: A Date with the Past

  • House hunting with Lauren, Lo, and Audrina - nice.
  • Too bad Audrina's going to be relegated to the guest house
  • Lauren, it's not really fun if someone has to keep reminding you how fun it is that you're all living together
  • Stephen's back in the picture? Bizarre.
  • Love is a strong word, Lauren, so is obsessed which you kinda were
  • Dear Diary, I never really stopped loving Stephen. xoxo LC
  • I think the reason Lauren hates Spencer is that they're both vying for control over Heidi, and she's fighting a losing battle
  • Can you please stop calling Lauren LC Spencer? You didn't even know her when she was LC!
  • "I wonder if our neighbours have seen me naked yet?" Lo
  • Lauren - if you're not cool with Audrina having Justin over, you need to explicitly state that before you invite her to move in with you
  • Thanks for bringing a juicer to the party Brody, awesome housewarming gift I guess...
  • I just don't get what kind of petty little world these girls live in that they can't be friends with people their friends don't like - it sucks sometimes but you won't mesh with everyone.
  • Justin actually looks really good, or at least I though he did until I realised that he looked exactly like Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle with the new hair, ew. I need to take a shower now.
  • The problem with excessively high expectations is that the letdown is so much worse after
  • "We kinda had a thing" Lauren explaining Stephen to Stephanie
  • Did you need to ring the doorbell multiple times Stephen?
  • I would hope that Stephen's mom has better things to think about than whether or not he and Lauren would rekindle what never really was
  • What's this, Lauren Conrad having a moment of clarity? Impossible!
  • Sometimes it's best to leave things as they are.

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