Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April: A Month in Review

1. I'm back on track again - it feels good to be back.

2. Slow and steady wins the race, I just have to keep telling myself this

3. I need ok, ok, want new sunglasses. Oakley Frogskins with white frames and brown lenses, to be exact...

4. The Hills and Gossip Girl are both going to be back by the end of the month - everything is back to normal

5. I'm planning an epic Ikea trip, wanna come?

6. Going from bad to worse not that bad actually, I need to stop being such an avid pessimist

7. My allergy pills make me feel like I'm on speed 24/7, kind of cutting into my sleeping properly and affecting my quality of life

8. I think my body is shutting down, not good.

9. When will this crap weather finally subsist. I'd really like to go out for a walk and not have to bring a toque/rainjacket, etc.

10. I'm slowly realising that I'm over The Hills

11. Bad news, I think the end is near for my little iBook, one of the keys is missing, the spacebar is on the brink of collapse, and she's painfully slow. Good news, they're finally opening an Apple store here.

12. My phone is almost a year old, I got my current one at the end of May last year when my RAZR shorted out for the last time. I'm about 95% certain I'm going to get that iPhone I've been aching for.

13. The Pansy is finally getting her license (Like I'm one to talk, I don't even have my learners) which mean trips to Costco, IKEA, and Niketown?

14. My to-do list is growing faster than I can actually accomplish things.

15. My allergy pills make my entire body dry, from my throat to my eyes - no sneezing, and a general ability to breathe relatively unrestricted though. I could probably do without the heart palpitations though

16. I fell off the gym/yoga wagon for a while, but I've started going again (regularly, because going once a week doesn't really count)

17. Ladytron next month - so excited!


“I like it dirty, but I like it pretty.”

“Dudes don’t generally experience the male gaze as “empowering”, but somehow they always expect women to.”

“You’re right, I should have cried. But I’m pretty sure she knew how disappointed I was. I stood there for 5 minutes just staring at her. I really thought she was going to cave.”

“I can feel the ranch on my chest! You know I’m going to break out from this…”

“You need to stop talking because it makes me want to laugh, and laughing makes me sweat.”

“Leggings have made it acceptable for women to wear tops and nothing else as entire outfits.”

“Yoga and beer are similar in that sense - once you realize that you’ve overdone it, it’s far too late…”


Pand0ra Wilde said...

That last one needs to be on a t-shirt.

Heather said...

i'm absolutely SURE that i want to come to IKEA with you :]

i loved the recap.