Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Some thoughts on The Hills

  • The whole soundtrack to recreating the hills - annoying. Do you really need to put the entire soundtrack up in the corner for us MTV?
  • Yelle - millions of Americans who has no idea who they were are going to be converted I think, including my friend who heard one of their songs and was all "isn't this that band from the ipod commercial?" and "I was like, first, they're speaking French, and no that's css. css is Brazilian and speak Portuguese..."
  • Dear Spencer - way to make it super awkward for Heidi's dad who was basically just like "Um, a phone call is always nice. You could have called"
  • Whitney, how do you not know how to pronounce 'Givenchy', were you raised by wolves? I thought you were raised in a fashion closet? What gives.
  • Audrina - maybe we could try and time our giving of bad news a bit better?
  • My friend S was all into the hills because he said Heidi looked really good, so I was waiting for it, and all I saw was a girl who wears too much makeup on the slopes and a girl who seemingly tries to make her lips seamlessly blend in with her face - not so nice. She basically looked like every girl carrying a LV bag and wearing an expensive trucker hat, except in Colorado
  • Lauren, I know you can't really get into hot water because it's your show, but altering your dress isn't a good idea. Whitney, you know she's easily led, why would you even suggest that "there's always our ballgowns"?
  • Spencer - bad form on calling someone a hypocrite, especially, when it's in front of their parents, and doubly so because it's you
  • Neo is not a 'fancy/flashy club' if there's a bro wearing a longsleeve DC t-shirt
  • I like that that Andreas dude flatly told Whitney that a stain on the dress isn't really his problem but because he's on the show it kind of is

  • Spencer's reaction - "well, at least we got some things resolved", not really she just kicked you out and has essentially called things off. It's pretty one-sided, definitely no 'we' involved.
  • I can't believe that this is the second time Whitney's been sent to Paris for work and she still doesn't really have a working knowledge of French
  • My friends who are seriously into dirtbags totally thought that Lauren's motorcycle-riding dude was hot - he was eh, but nothing to write home about. The manly sprout of chest hair at the table was unnecessary...

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