Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The last couple of times I was at my local Wendy's, I've noticed that they now sell fish - kinda creepy, but I was also kind of intrigued. I don't know why, but I insisted on trying it last night. The first thing I noticed when I peeled away the wrapper was just how much sauce they had put on it, it oozed over the side of the bun and dripped onto the inside of the wrapper. I got a huge gob of it in my mouth with every bite, my inintial thought were "Um, is that butter. What is that taste, and why is there so much sauce?"

I do know that the tartar sauce was a little overpowering and tasted like butter that had gone bad, not great. The fish part seemed ok - it was surprisingly crispy and fresh-tasting, but it was so hard to tell under that much sauce, so if I ever got it again, I'd opt for it without the sauce.

I'm not a big sauce person, usually I get my burgers sans ketchup, etc. so if you love mayo, this might be right up your alley.


stephanie said...

Ugh. I hate sauce. I always ask for sauce on the side and I get crazy at restaurant counters.

Does this come with mayo? Does this come with any sauce? I need it on the side? Got it! ON THE SIDE!!!!!

Anyway. I feel you.

team gingerbread said...

Too true.

I got to this rice bowl place almost daily, and I always have to explain that no sauce actually means that I don't want any sauce.

The ladies there think I'm weird, but I've forced them to remake my dish because I don't want a cup of teriyaki poured over my perfectly good beef.