Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The People Upstairs

There is a girl who works out at my gym who uses the leg press machine with 1 plate. I don't really get why she would even bother going to the gym if she's only lifting a plate's worth of weight - she must be really out of shape because the elderly woman I sometime work our with does at least 3.

Things I will never know I suppose unless I stake out the gym and confront her.

The people who live in the apartment directly above me have a rather annoying habit of continually bouncing a ball. I don't know if this ball is related to a dog or a small child playing but it's annoying as hell. There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to the bouncing of the ball, sometimes it skitters across the floor once and then remains largely untouched for the remainder of the day, and other times it sounds like they're warming up for Wimbledon.

I'm sure they're not aware of just how loud they are at all times of the day, but you'd think it would be common sense. But there is almost no point in confronting them over something so minor because I'm sure they will simply ridicule me, much like my friend ridiculed her downstairs neighbour after he confronted her about her playing Dance Dance Revolution above his slumbering pregnant wife.

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Tracey said...

Mmmm...bouncing balls...I hear your pain. The people living to the back of my house have a basketball hoop and the sound of them bouncing the ball over and over again on the concrete drives me nutso!!