Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stuff White People Like

Whenever a concert (invariably rap, but I don't like to generalize) featuring a black performer comes up, someone, usually white, asks me if I'm going with a hesitant, expectant look on their face. I usually stare back at them blankly and wonder if they're asking me out a genuine interest in my musical orientations, or because I'm black in the know.

The Mos Def show is on Saturday and literally every single person that has asked me about it has been white. I don't really understand the appeal of Mos Def, having seen him in a handful of movies, none of them terribly memorable, I know him more as an actor than as an artist - I couldn't come up with a single track of his.

I just didn't get it until I read this.

I counted 5 things that I was into on the first page before the server crapped out and I got a bunch of error pages.

UPDATE: The .org site is still down, but the Wordpress site still works. I ended up scoring 27, not bad. The yoga and sushi portions really spoke to me.

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IludiumPhosdex said...

Could this be closer to the truth about What Whites Like (as in Angry White Men in particular)?