Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TMI Tuesday #100

In honor of the reaching the century mark (and since I don't think any of the current players were around at the beginning), I have pulled some questions from the early days.

1. Where was the first place you ever had sex?

A bed, not terribly exciting. It was December 31, 2000 (well technically, January 1, 2001 by the time we got around to it) but it feels like it was a million years ago. It was after my friend's New Year's party (we kinda ditched, discretely, or so we thought) but everyone found out about it by Monday morning (I went to a small school). The sex itself wasn't that bad, probably because it wasn't just some random dude, but it obviously didn't mean that much to me, because less than two weesk later I was in this hardcore relationship with my first serious long-term boyfriend.

2. Does size matter? (open to interpretation boys and girls)

Yes and no. It only really matters if you're bad in bed I suppose... Also, I don't really dig short guys. I used to think it was lame when my friends had a height requirement, but I've fallen into step with that opinion overnight it seems.

3. Have you ever had sex in your office or your place of employment?

Nope, definitely not my scene. I think I'm too vanilla for that now.

4. Ever been skinny dipping?

Yes, and it resulted in my having sex with dude #1, at a later date, on a neighbour's dock at my friends cottage, classy.

5. Top or bottom?

Bottom ("Is it because I'm lazy, or because I just really like it?" to quote Margaret Cho), let's just leave it at that.

Bonus: Where were you September 11, 2001? What were you doing when you first heard about the twin towers?

In the library at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON working half-heartedly on a research paper. It was shortly before I decided to drop out to take a year off.

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