Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Be Aggressive

Because I'm cheap, I refuse to pay $2 for the convenience of being able to take out money from another bank's ATM so I killed two birds with one stone and returned some library books on my way there - they're both within walking distance but I took the bus since I'm also lazy.

I got off the bus minutes later, I probably live around 10 blocks away from my bank, but it was my day off, and ambled to the cross walk. I probably could have made it across the road but that would have involved sprinting and that was a little too much exertion for my casual excursion. I slowed as I reached the edge of the curb and adjusted my bag, digging around for my iPod to change the song. I looked up because I sensed someone encroaching on my personal space only to find this aggro black dude standing just a little too close and mouthing something in my general direction.

I was a little startled but I really didn't feel like chatting (do I ever?) and quickly turned my gaze in the other direction - foolishly hoping that he would get the hint. I waited the obligatory 10 or so seconds and glanced sideways only to be met with his insistent gaze. Foiled again, I pretended to be looking for something in my bag (where is my Swiss Army knife when I need it?) as I casually turned up the volume on the iPod.

Then my aggressive black friend decides to turn his lurking up a notch and proceeds to talk (yelling, really) so loudly that I can actually make out what he's saying over my obnoxiously loud music (something about just wanting to talk with me, but maybe I'm not interested - gee, ya think?) as the light turns green ahead of me. I make a break for it and make it across the street in five quick strides as I'm left to wonder just what kind of woman succumbs to street-corner lotharios...

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recovering overachiever said...

I always wonder that too.

Oh yeah, tell me how sexy you think I am, sketchy man on the street, and I'll take you home to bed.