Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cleaning Up Our Act

It's tradeshow season once again, meaning that there are literally reps and product knowledge meetings lurking around every corner and tucked into each timeslot for the next 4 days or so, meaning that they're liable to pop in at any moment to say 'hi' or whatever so the store has to look good at all times - except we're getting piles upon piles of new stock in every day and it's getting hard to keep up.

On the plus side, it coincides with the slowest time of year for us, so we've got lots of free time to make the store look it's best.

In other creepy, yet unrelated news, my aunt just friended me on Facebook...


Heather said...

good luck with your tradeshow season!
ha ha ha. good ol' facebook!
it's a stalkers dream & i'm there!

stephanie said...

I have a friend with a dad on facebook. A DAD.