Monday, September 10, 2007

Beer Goggles and Cash Bars

Last night staff awards banquet was fun although I hate going to stuff like that. It was a change of pace to see people in suits and ties/dresses when I'm accustomed to seeing them in a t-shirt and jeans every day and no one is ever going to complain about free food.

Despite my poor attitude going into the debacle, I actually had a lot of fun, save for the fact that I was seated across from [redacted] (tThe Pansy invited him to join our table, boo) and that everyone decided that today was th day that they were going to try and upstage one another for top honours of biggest lush.

The night ended rather abruptly and it seemed that most of my friends/co-workers were visibly drunk and we parted ways. I got a ride uptown with our boss because we had to walk the dog and since The Pansy couldn't consistently keep herself upright, I became the de facto dog-walker. She babbled a bit and wondered out loud if it was weird that she missed [redacted] (yes, it is because he's a tool who doesn't care about anyone but himself) and why her new manfriend hadn't texted her back (she was drunk and didn't feel her phone vibrating when he wrote back).

I was tired so I waited for her to fall into a light drunken slumber before I left and made my way home, semi-relieved that I didn't have to work today.

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