Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grinding Halt

Because there's so much construction in my neighbourhood (higher learning=expansion), it's becoming increasingly difficult to actually skate home in a linear fashion. So I end up taking detours, which means I'm rolling blind in the dark and that's when I end up landing flat on a huge chunk of concrete thus causing my wheel to stop turning entirely, and making for a rather long journey home (no skate tool in sight, it's in my other bag).

At least it's almost the end of the summer so this won't really cramp my style too much if the wheel is totally fucked (which I don't think it is)

UPDATE: The wheel is fine, it's the truck axle itself that fucked. It seems that I stripped the axle because I didn't realize the wheel had jammed until I got a lot further home than the scene of the crime and now the wheel just pops off willy nilly. So this means either relying on my other skateboard for transport (not practical, I'd prefer just to buy a new truck) or just dealing until next season...

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