Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Le Maquillage

I finally picked up the September issue and Vogue and suffice to say I need to get to a gym because I can barely lift it. We went to M.A.C. tonight because they were having a launch party for their new fall line and it was a special pre-buy thing but I just went because I am out of my staples, mascara (Lancome), Trax (shadow) and Ambering Rose (blush) though I didn't get mascara because I usually buy that at Sephora.

I succeeded in getting a better blush for daytime (Coppertone) and more Trax because I'll never give that up.

Now I just need to get my head in the game and start planning an outfit for the trade show party in September. I foresee a minor shopping binge


Anonymous said...

my best friend works for M.A.C.
i love it.

Sushi the Mermaid said...

Ooo...I need a better blush. What do you recommend?

stephanie said...

How is Lancome mascara? Is it worth the money?

team gingerbread said...

heather - uh, I'm jealous

sushi - No idea, I told her what I was looking for (daytime blush - so more sheer), and what I didn't like about my current blush (too much pop/red) and she made some suggestions, tried stuff out and it went on from there. I have yet to get a good recommendation for eye shadow because I love purples and greens and I don't really stray too far from there - though last time I ended up with a brown number and I love that.

stephanie - yeah I think it's worth the extra $$. It's the only kinda pricey brand I don't mind shelling out for...

p.s. It makes my non-existent lashes look defined