Monday, February 26, 2007

"Tag, you're it"

The Goth Girl: The Jewish Camp Counselor thinks your really funny you know. He was still laughing at that joke you made about the lighting like 20 minutes later.
Team Gingerbread: I am pretty funny. Next time you should probably also mention that I put out.
The Goth Girl: (aghast)
Team Gingerbread: What? I'm just saying...

Team Gingerbread/Airquote: Yeah, now that The Pansy is out of town, the One Love mixtape is out of rotation for a bit...
Cute 'n' Fresh: I love that CD too - You'll have to get rid of me first!

Team Gingerbread: Yo, where are we going to put these shoes?
The Chocolatier's Ex: Um, on my feet, because they're sweet!
Team Gingerbread: You're crazy, I love it, but you're crazy.

The Goth Girl: (incredulous) You've never been [to go play laser tag]?
Team Gingerbread: Upper middle class, motherfucker. We go boating and riding and stuff.

Team Gingerbread: So, like, are there uniforms and stuff? Will we have to get changed?
The Chocolatier's Ex: (snidely) Yeah there's uniforms
Team Gingerbread: Again, I've never done this before so chillax
Team Gingerbread: Remember, "sailing and horsebackriding?"
The Chocolatier's Ex: Right

The Chocolatier's Ex: Oh, you might have to take off your jewelery. Last time I went, I had to remove my earrings...
AirQuote: Um, these earrings don't come out. And I didn't buy a heart-shaped pendant that matches my shirt so that I could take it off. No way.
Team Gingerbread: So it sounds like we might be joining The Goth Girl's mom for coffee


AirQuote: Sorry we're late, we had to pick up snacks.

The Goth Girl called on Friday night inviting myself, AirQuote and The Chocolatier's Ex out with a few of her friends for some laser tag. Not really my bag, but I was willing to play nice for the sake of being social.

She was pregaming at her house with her aforementioned friends and told us to call her when we were off work/on our way over. We drove over to her place but by the time we got there, we had to head out almost immediately. We left in separate cars and ours stopped off for snacks on the way, by the time we rolled up it was approaching 10:30 and I suddenly realised just how tired I was, and called it a night only to come home to one of my recent eBay purchases crammed into the mailbox.

I promptly put on my new WESC tee and finished my can of Tab before heading to bed. I subsequently had the worst nightmares, most likely due to my bedtime energy drink consumption.

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