Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The Pansy: Oh, well can we get home quickly because I haven't seen last week's episode [of the Hills] and I want to watch it before the new one is on.
Team Gingerbread: Sure, no problem, so we're just going to eat somewhere close?
The Pansy: Actually, I'm not even sure if they replay last week's episode. I've already seen it anyways, I just wasn't going to tell you...
Team Gingerbread: Bitch! I can't believe you weren't going to tell me. It's OK though because I've seen it too. I wasn't going to tell you either because I didn't want to spoil it for you.
The Pansy: I can't believe this
Team Gingerbread: I can't believe you wouldn't tell me this but you'd expect me to tell you if I hooked up with a guy you liked
The Pansy: It is not the same thing at all
Team Gingerbread: Difference of opinions, I suppose.


S* said...

How apropos considering last night's episode. :P

team gingerbread said...

I was so distracted last night that I'll probably have to watch the ep again.