Friday, January 05, 2007


The Pansy is still convinced that her boobs are tiny because she went down a size recently. I've tried to convince her that it simply isn't the case.

I asked The Archaeologist to back me up because we were smoking outside the bar and he managed to set her straight:

"Are you kidding me? Everytime you turn around it's like the fucking Matrix!"

as he bends over backwards dramatically for effect.

The Pansy has been obsessed with boobs as of late, mostly noting their size and abundance and always coming back to her deluded perceptions regarding her own.

"Holy tits! Maybe that's why The Archaeologist was lurking on you today?"

"Dude, it's just the bra, my boobs don't normally do this"

"Right. Maybe if your boobs weren't falling out of your shirt... You obviously stole my boobs for yourself"

"Do you know how crazy you sound, you're not serious, right? Right?!?"

I'm bored - and tired - but I can't sleep because The Engineer gets back tomorrow.


Eric said...

Girls still worry about their boob size?

Ya know what I think is hot about a girl, her massive.. "non being a bitch" part.

team gingerbread said...

Well, she's just being facetious because tiny is never a word that any rational person would associate with her boobs