Thursday, January 04, 2007

It really never gets old, unlike your lady friend

The Archaeologist has confided in us about his lady problems/asked us to myspace stalk his lady friend in order to suss out our initial impressions of her.

Somehow along the course of our interrogations - it really was like 20 questions - it came to light that this lady friend in question was 30*. Really not a big deal, except that The Archaeologist is 22 (and still lives at home). I'm all for the older woman-younger man shenanigans, I only hope that when I'm thirty I have a man friend who is in his early twenties, but I'll pick on any perceived insecurity.

My new favourite game as of late has been to make fun of their age difference:

Team Gingerbread: Oh why did you rip that bartending school poster down?
The Archaeologist: Isn't it obvious (motioning towards the haggard poster)
Team Gingerbread: Oh, are you saving it for S so that she has something to do after retirement?

Team Gingerbread: Yeah, you should probably hit that before S goes through menopause.

The Archaeologist: Just you wait till tomorrow night when I get gnarly, and you'll see how long I can last!
Team Gingerbread: Save that for S why don't you?

and I think it's getting out of hand. TA is actually getting quite annoyed with the constant burns and subsequent high-fives. I think I'm just trying to get as much ribbing in before he leaves.

I suppose this is my little way of saying 'I'll miss you'

...either that or I'm a bitch.

*For the record I'm hard on any of my friends who engage in a may-december romance, regardless of gender.


Heather said...

ha ha.
my best friend's mom, was dating this guy (who she later married) and he is a whole 12 years younger than her. we used to say "are you guys going to go to chuck e cheese for a date?" "what about the matinee movie? he can't be out past his curfew.." ha ha.
she used to get so pist but god it was fun :]
ahve a good weekend, girl! ♥

Monique said...

Oh my. I'm 32 and when I was 30, I hooked up with the then-25-year-old boytoy, and that weirded me out -- and he has more gray hair than I do. 30 and 22? That's just kind of icky.