Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I make this look good

...and bitchy.

I bought a fitted a couple of weeks ago because when I was drunk I decided to be all cutesy and steal The Gentle Giant's hat when we were at the bar.

Turns out, I look good in hats.

But the fitted gives me mad swagger and I tend to get a little bossier than usual when wearing it.


The Engineer: Can you stop calling me a bitch?
Team Gingerbread: Whatever, you love it
Team Gingerbread: (mutters under her breath) ...bitch!


shirley said...

and he totally does, right? yay!

S* said...

Look at you with your urban ghetto hip hop lingo. She didn't just get a baseball cap, she got a "fitted". Too cute.

Yamagoo said...

We're adding you to the "People we'd love to smoke a bowl with" otherwise known as our blogroll.