Wednesday, December 06, 2006

To quote Nas: 'Hip Hop is Dead'

So me and a few of the girls got guestlisted for the Lloyd Banks show because one of our friends was opening for him (score!) and we decided to celebrate the occasion by getting ridiculously drunk - I can't even fathom how many times the words "Let's get crunk!" or some variation thereof escaped my mouth.

We were all so bored on Sunday, and we almost never get to go out with The Cave Dweller, who usually opts to sit at home and be boring with her live-in boyfriend rather than indulge in some less than wholesome fun.

We pregamed at The Pansy's place (gin and wine in case you were wondering, but not together) and bussed to the mall and continued pregaming in the luxe hotel bathrooms - classy lady party style.

We probably rolled into the club somewhere in the 10:30 range, early considering that the doors had been open for almost 3 hours at this point, but hip hop shows are notorious for running really far behind schedule. Thankfully I had the sense to down my mickey of gin in the bathroom beforehand as we were subjected to bag searches/pat downs and my swiss army knife got confiscated (it was in my purse, along with underwear - long story) but I was drunk so I didn't care and I know the bar's owner.

I lamented the loss of my knife quite loudly to all those within earshot and we made our way into the bar to meet up with some people from work.

I playfully stole The Gentle Giant's New Era and told him to relax, because I looked better in it anyways when he asked for it back while The Pansy busied herself with stealing his drink(s) and getting her flirt on.

I guess we were carrying on like this for a while, and then somehow The Cave Dweller and I ended up going down by the stage (possibly to watch our friend perform) and leaving The Pansy to her own devices.

TCD and I ended up in a little bar room tussle with same heavily madeup hoochie mamas that resulted in a rather stern shove and a quick punch to my jaw (lovely, I know) whilst jockeying for position near the front of the stage. I didn't really care to respond/get kicked out so I just left to go find The Pansy who had caught The Gentle Giant's attention and they were casually chatting up a storm in the middle of the bar.

I told her what had just happened and she was incredulous but I felt like I was killing her game so I dragged TCD downstairs again and we watched the show from a different vantage point. I get bored really easily when I'm drunk so I made my way back upstairs to find some of the other managers from work and I quickly lost track of TCD/started getting plied with free bevvies.

We chatted for a while, while I not so subtly tried to eke out exactly why one of them had recently broken up with The Producer, but I just ended up feeling really bad for her as she wistfully stared after him all night long while rebuffing potential suitors' advances.

At this point, The Pansy and The Gentle Giant had run off together (well not really, she told me she was leaving and grabbed her keys from my purse) and I was beginning to transition from 'fun drunk' to 'puking in a trash can drunk' so I started hitting the water and ended up running into our friend, The Rapper, and blindly accompanied him upstairs to the balcony and we chatted, intermittently being interrupted by well-wishers and hangers on, who all stopped by to congratulate him on his performance.

I'm pretty sure I was there when Lloyd Banks was performing but I was so hammered at this point that I couldn't really focus on any one thing for more than two seconds. I decided to call it a night when I couldn't find TCD (she had left earlier and told The Pansy, who I'm assuming had forgotten to relay the information back to me) and fielded 'urgent' calls from The Engineer and The Pansy almost simultaneously.

An hour later, I'm back at Casa de Pansy (I had forgotten to get my keys from my jacket pocket) and rehashing the events of that evening/making plans to ditch out on school the next day.

I had foolishly agreed to work an opening shift the next morning, and was feeling it hardcore once the sun rose. I traipsed to the bus stop after downing what seemed like six cups of coffee still dressed in the clothes I had worn out the night before and with bar star makeup in full effect. I actually had to concentrate on not heaving on the bus, and remaining upright at work for the first couple of hours, but it wasn't too busy.

The Pansy rolled in looking pretty shabby/hungover and our boss greeted us with a warm "Hey Crunkies, how were your mornings?"

"Uh, not so hot. But I'm better now"


S* said...

Gin and wine is no way to prep for a hip hop concert. Next time bust out the Henny and the Couvosier and the, um, Belvedere.

team gingerbread said...

Lol, ok. Yes ma'am!

Nicole said...

What I've learned from this post: that if you new me in real life you'd give me a nickname much like "Cave Dweller" because that sounds pretty much like me. ;)

team gingerbread said...

Lol, probably not. You at least know that pulling out isn't an effective birth control method.

...and you probably don't complain about how you never have anything to do despite being constantly invited out by the funnest people ever (the most modest too)