Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Done like dinner

AirQuote, The Pansy and I all went out to dinner because their plans for snowboarding fell through (turns out finding out the ski hill's operating hours beforehand is essential - who knew?). The wait at the Olive Garden was obscene so we settled on Malaysian/Thai food.

AirQuote regaled us with little small town life anectodes and kept saying the cutest/most naive things ever.

on the likelihood of someone breaking into her car

AirQuote: You guys, people break into cars and steal stuff all the time. This one time someone broke into my friends car and stole her jean capris..."
The Pansy: Um, dude, they were doing her a favour!

on The Pansy/The Gentle Giant's office romance:

"I can't wait for the Christmas party. You guys are going to be drunk, and flirting and touching"

on the sixteen year old's unrequited crush:

"Maybe if he was seventeen, but sixteen is too young"

on The Pansy's sexual proclivities:

The Pansy: No, I like really rough sex. Like I like it when guys hit me.
AirQuote: How rough are we talking here, like a little smack on the bottom?
The Pansy: No, more like being choked and hit in the face
AirQuote: Um, are you kidding? You're kidding right?
Team Gingerbread: No, she's not.

on black men:

AirQuote: [You've been with] A black guy - really?
The Pansy: Several black guys

on ethnic food:

AirQuote: I like curry
The Pansy: Have you ever had curry?
AirQuote: I've had the curry at Boston Pizza
The Pansy: That's not curry
AirQuote: Yes it is! It's called creamy curry, and it's good.

AirQuote: I like Chinese food
The Pansy: Like what kind?
AirQuote: Ginger beef
The Pansy: That's not Chinese food. Have you ever had dim sum?
AirQuote: What's dim sum?

"A food slot? Are you guys talking dirty again?"


Sushi the Mermaid said...

Hehe...girls are so interesting to talk to...I am amused by your friends.

team gingerbread said...

I know, we have the most fascinating conversations...

Maritza said...

Philistines! Glad you went for the Thai and know what dim sum is. I want to open a Thai bar called "Thai One On"!

peter said...

Just make sure you enjoy these innocent times while they last, because she's not going to maintain that quality for too long hanging around you two ;)

team gingerbread said...

Lol, very true.

Although I think it's just so cute because she's from a small town and has a totally different/less jaded point of view...

Nicole said...

She's ADORABLE!!!!

I only say that because it's nice being around someone who's more naive than I am.