Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On closing the deal

Most of our store is on sale right now, and I was in the midst of convincing a customer to buy a shirt when out of nowhere I'm just like:

"Like, I'm not making you any promises or anything, but I own this shirt, and it has been very good to me. I mean, this shirt got me so much action. Seriously, a lot."

"I'll take it"

"Good choice - you won't regret it!"


Charm School Reject said...

You've made Donald Trump very proud!

Two Drink Girl said...

Wow, do you get commission or something? 'Cause you should!

pamela said...

excellent sales pitch.
you should get promoted or employee of the year at least.

Eric said...

Got any more?


team gingerbread said...

no commission, which is ok because I'm usually highly unmotivated unless it involves selling something I really never want to look at again (aka. 95% of the sale items)

no more tips for today