Friday, November 03, 2006

Procrastination is next to godliness

I'm on a new diet it seems, consisting primarily of coffee (and the occasional cup of water to calm my nerves), fudge and anything else that is within reach from my perch at the computer.

Why? Well, because I'm desperately trying to finish an essay that's due on Friday and I like a challenge (of course at roughly 35 pages long, this is a smidge masochistic).

and in unrelated cute news: The Pansy and [redacted] ate lunch together so basically, they're pretty much engaged (awww!)


Sushi the Mermaid said...

As long as you aren't eating coffee dry.

team gingerbread said...

Ugh, no!

That would be gross, and probably result in flecks of coffee dotting my smile

half the battle said...

im on the same deadline! havent even started....ahhhhh!

Heather said...

oh girl, i so know where you're at.
have a good weekend. xox ♥

team gingerbread said...

half the battle - sadly I'm smack dab in the middle of essay season and have one due every 10 or so days from now until the end of the month, woo hoo!

heather - thanks, will do