Saturday, November 04, 2006

Conversations with The Archaeologist

The Pansy: Can I tell him who you like?
Team Gingerbread: (in a huffy tone) Fine, whatever!
The Archaeologist: Is it the black guy from the urban store? Because everyone likes him so that's a given...
Team Gingerbread: No, not quite
The Pansy: She thinks he's cute, but that's not it
The Archaeologist: Is it the new kid from two stores down?
Team Gingerbread: Which new kid, the festively plump one?
The Archaeologist: Yeah, that's him
Team Gingerbread: Isn't he only 16?
The Archaeologist: No, I'm thinking of the other one
Team Gingerbread: Well the 16-year-old is cute, but no.
The Archaeologist: (bitterly) It's not [redacted] is it?
The Pansy and Team Gingerbread laugh
Team Gingerbread: Uh, no. That's more her scene, pointing at The Pansy, who shrugs it off.
Team Gingerbread: No, it's the other guy from the urban store
The Archaeologist: Isn't he dating [one of the managers]?
Team Gingerbread: Um, we're not talking marriage here, I'm just saying I think he's cute. I'm still just looking from afar.
The Archaeologist: He is pretty good looking...
Team Gingerbread: [TA] I'm not having this conversation with you!
The Archaeologist: No, it's fine. I'm a metrosexual, I'm comfortable talking about this...
Team Gingerbread: Well, that's great, but I'm not



Heather said...

i love it.
ha ha ha.

Eric said...

Why's he gotta drop the 'black' guy off first?

team gingerbread said...

Probably because seriously everyone has a little bit of a crush on this guy or thinks he's attractive.

I think The Pansy might have given him a hint as to which store he worked in as well, but I'm not sure