Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mad libs and other delightful observations

The Pansy: You know what I could really go for right now?
Team Gingerbread: Dick?
The Pansy: Shut up!
Team Gingerbread: ...or were you going to say candy, which has been your substitute as of late?


Team Gingerbread: So what's in the bag?
The Pansy: Um, candy and batteries
Team Gingerbread: So standard!

Team Gingerbread: Maybe I'll buy The Engineer some Crocs for Christmas, then we can match
The Pansy: You have Crocs?
Team Gingerbread: No, but I've heard they're really comfortable
The Pansy: Ew!
Team Gingerbread: Whatever! No one needs to know what happens behind closed doors. They'd be for home use anyways...
The Pansy: Uh ok, like [my] pirate porn?
Team Gingerbread: (laughing) Yeah, like that
The Pansy: What? I like porn...and pirates are hot! The Gentle Giant would make a good pirate
Team Gingerbread: Whatever, at least your fetish is less embarrassing.

The Cave Dweller: So how was your movie?
The Pansy: Uh, it was good
The Cave Dweller: What was it called again?
The Pansy: (sheepishly) Pirates
Th Cave Dweller: (quietly) Is it porn?
The Pansy: Yeah
The Cave Dweller: No, I've rented it, that's a good one!

(the last one was only funny because she was scared to get a pap smear/pregnancy test, yet has no problem renting porn)


Maritza said...

You so crazee!

Don't forget to send me either your home address or email to get your xmas card.

team gingerbread said...

For sure lady. I can't wait to see OG's creation.

Heather said...

you crack me up.
i love it.
xox ♥