Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Half Right

Managers 1 & 2: Hey do you know how these work (handing me promotional flyers for our store )
Team Gingerbread: No
Managers 1 & 2: (long explanation) But the point is whoever gets the most of these returned gets a really good prize - last year it was a $1000 gift certificate for their store
Team Gingerbread: So do I get 8 times the prize if I win because I'm Jewish?
Manager #1: Uh, no. Besides, you're not Jewish, I don't know any black and Jewish people.
Manager #2: Not true. I know some...and then there's Mordecai Richler!
Team Gingerbread: Mordecai Richler's not black!
Manager #2: Oh, well I was half right
Team Gingerbread: But not the important half


marie lyn bernard said...

I think you forgot the most important black Jew of all time:


Also my Mom was getting her black girlfriend to convert to Judaism but then they broke up.

I had an Indian Jewish friend (she was adopted), she got similar reactions.

team gingerbread said...

I totally forgot about hipster extrodinaire, Blackface Jesus too!