Thursday, November 30, 2006

November: A Month in Review

1. team gingerbread = team insomnia

2. Dinner + Laguna

3. team gingerbread sucks at buying Christmas gifts if it's not all at once because she subscribes to the 3 for me, 1 for you method of shopping and ends up with just as many, if not more, gifts for herself in the process.

4. the # of massive essays I have completed thus far this term, meaning I only have one more left.

5. "Hey! Isn't that your boyfriend? But who's that girl he's with?"

6. NaBloPoMo

7. but there's always next year for NaDruWriNi

8. I've listened to more hip hop in this month alone than ever before, and I'm not even complaining. Apparently bitches & hos is my thing.

9. "This is not Lavalife! You are not to sleep with customers or staff members as it could have an adverse effect on sales. If it's love, that's a different story"

10. Serax gives me crazy nightmares too, so much for helping me sleep. Back to Clonazepam, and Ativan thanks to s*.

11. Alcohol, however, seems to do the trick just fine.

12. "We're just friends..." "Dude, you're basically in a relationship!" "Really, when did this happen?"

13. "FYI, you're a fucking bitch and no one asked you"

14. He made me soup, so we're basically engaged.

15. "This whole 'being platonic' concept doesn't really work out when you're still fucking..."

16. "See we can be platonic, so long as there's no leather couches or alcohol involved - they're just bad influences"

17. No, we can't.

18. The husband game

19. "I'm off to see my other boyfriend because he actually puts out!"

20. Sleepovers + 90210 = golden

21. I'm far more productive when I'm beyond hungover

22. From unfocused layabout to I-Banker...shocking

23. I heart our little OC dates, just don't pretend you're doing it for me!

24. I predict a snowboarding date (The Gentle Giant and The Pansy, of course)

Search term-a-palooza:

  • alcoholism personal story functional - I'm #3! Also, I have a lot of stories about functional/not-so-much alcoholism
  • when does the gingerbread and latte come out - since I'm assuming you're talking about the Starbucks beverage and not us, I don't know. We come out for free drinks though
  • hollywood sample stories
  • classic vans slip on + st. patrick's day
  • gay laguna beach stars cedric and jason
  • i ran into tammy faye at the mall
  • chastity team ottawa
  • jessi cruickshank m, jessi cruickshank tits, jessi cruickshank myspace - seriously, enough with the Jessi Cruickshank. I'd say I get like 20 hits a day from people looking for titty shots
  • coulds e brathers - Came from Polish google. Can any of my Polish readers tell me what this means?
  • laguna beach drinking game - see here
  • starbucks gingerbread latte pictures - I thought I loved the Sbux GL but apparently your love knows no bounds, huh?
  • has real renos been canceled? - hard to say as I no longer have cable, but I'll get back to you with an answer on that one
  • true hollywood music
  • NOT FITTING INTO CLIQUES AT WORK - I'm the wrong person to ask. I'm really good at excluding people though. But really, it's not that great on the inside - I promise. Maybe you don't fit in because the caps lock button is always engaged, and people don't like reading your emails?
  • sloth in hollywood - I don't live in hollywood but I do have the market cornered on sloth
  • asian fauxhawk
  • i'm allergic to nuts, i can't be gay stickers - I don't even know where to begin with this one
  • dr ho's r suction cupping - sounds like fun, count me in!
  • gingerbread nazi display - I don't think I can make a joke about this without insulting someone
  • gingerbread vodka - "I'm not an alcoholic, I'm just festive"


MyBlogCanBeatUpYourBlog(.com) said...

I love you.

Ok... backing off the creepiness.

But on a serious note, I have enjoyed your blog immensely from the day I came across it.

Eric said...

You make me proud.

team gingerbread said...

@eric - lol. I do what I can.

S* said...

I feel like a drug pusher.