Monday, November 13, 2006

The facts of life

When I came back from my break at work today, The Pansy told me a rather troubling story. It seems that one of our coworkers (The Cave Dweller) isn't exactly versed on the birds and the bees.

She had called in sick from work on the previous day, and upon being asked for further details it came to light that she had been feeling really nauseous and tired as of late. She told us that she had called her mother who had jokingly angrily questioned if she was pregnant to which she replied "Um, no I don't think so..."

Obviously The Pansy then asked her if she was sure.

Her answer astounded me.

"Well my boyfriend said that if he pulled out, I wouldn't get pregnant!"

(The Pansy and Team Gingerbread in the shrillest voices possible)

"Um, are you kidding me?!? You know that doesn't work right?"

"Uh well we've been doing it for 2 years and I haven't gotten pregnant so far..." The Cave Dweller rebutted.

"Uh, that doesn't really mean anything you know" and "Didn't you have sex ed in school?"

"Uh, no. We had it in grade 7 but I got kicked out of the class for laughing"

"Typical. This is the kind of stuff you cover you know!"

After about 10 to 20 minutes of sheer stupefaction we decided that we'd have to educate her ourselves. I didn't really think it was possible for people to not be completely informed about this stuff in this day and age, but apparently so.

I've always kind of joked about how this girl lives in a cave (she hadn't heard of myspace) but this is outrageous.


Eric said...

I think you should rename this blog to Team Gingerbread and Team Pansy.

team gingerbread said...

Just doesn't have the same ring though does it?

Anonymous said...

Wow. And how old is this woman? I can't believe that her high school didn't have mandatory sex ed!
Yet another brick in the tower of my rant about sex education. (Okay that metaphor didn't really work out but you know)

Thanks for visiting my blog by the way, and yeah.. memes are lovely during nablopomo :)

lilfeathers2000 said...

Have a God Blessed Week.
Its Click and Comment Monday

team gingerbread said...

kate - 19, but like I said, she's a cave dweller.

I swear we had mandatory sex ed throughout middle and high school so I don't really know what her excuse is

Ignorance is bliss, until you get knocked up

peter said...

What gets me even worse is that a level-of-ignorance about sex (which is pretty bad) equals a level-of-ignorance about safe sex in relation to disease prevention (which is REALLY bad).

I swear, these are the same people who find my blog with search strings like "help burns when i pee" (seriously)

team gingerbread said...

peter - so true, and I can't help but laugh at the search term, but I'm cringing too

Heather said...

we had so much sex ed it was excrutiating, but now i'm glad. i cannot believe that at 19 she thought pulling & praying was a valid method!!! gah! i mean, yah, we've all done it, but not as a CONSTANT birth control method.

Nicole said...

I just...I just...really don't have words at all for that.

OK, is the chick pregnant or not??

Nicole said...

Fine, you're right, it's really not my business. But I had to ask!

team gingerbread said...

heather - I know, it seems improbable, but yeah it was totally drilled into our heads

nicole - um, no clue. I hope not...

team gingerbread said...

nicole - apparently the answer is no