Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beating around the bush is for people who actually care

The Engineer: Hey, do you want to come grocery shopping with me?
Team Gingerbread: Can I?
The Engineer: Sure
Team Gingerbread: I was actually kidding. I don't even really like grocery shopping for myself...

The Engineer: Where are you going at this early hour?
Team Gingerbread: School
The Engineer: (an hour later via text) So where are you now?
Team Gingerbread: I'm off to see my other boyfriend because he actually puts out
The Engineer: ?
Team Gingerbread: Kidding, I'm at work...

Team Gingerbread: (looking at pictures with TE) Did you get your wisdom teeth out or something? What's wrong with your face
The Engineer: (sheepishly) That was at the end of first year...I had gained a little weight because I was drinking so much

Team Gingerbread: (to The Engineer at 2 pm) Just so you know, I can't leave until I'm sober enough to take the train home without puking

Ah, love is in the air!


Eric said...

You are so getting laid this weekend.

Nicole said...

The second round is too hilarious for words. Puts out...

team gingerbread said...

eric - we'll see...

nicole - yeah, i tell it like it is