Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Detached - in every sense of the word

So this weekend started off really well, there was obviously a boy involved, and everything was running smoothly. My sexual drought was quenched, albeit temporarily, and I couldn't help but see the world through rose-coloured glasses - and if you know me well enough ,this is as close to elated as I get.

Until it all came crashing down this morning.

What, me happy? That's un-possible.

Naturally, I was in a foul mood, so I ditched out on classes and went shopping. Probably not the brightest thing I've done but the situation called for some retail therapy, because that's what shallow people do.

I bought that $200 Franklin&Marshall hoodie that I had my eye on for ages (at 50% off no less) and some jeans as well as a bright pink vest (because the purple one looked horrid on me).

I even treated myself to some Starbucks coffee, that's how down I was (I've tried to stop spending so much money on coffee because my coffee tab was approaching $30/week).

And then The Space Invader called in sick; and by 'called in sick' I actually mean just plain old didn't show up for her shift - I was livid, and plan on going out of my way to get her fired. The only reason that she still works at our store (everyone hates her) is that she's a good upseller and when you're dealing in hardgoods (snowboards, bindings, and boots) that's a very good thing.

(breathe in)

Tomorrow is another day, and there's no way that it could get any worse right?


Eric said...

Wait the drought was quenced?

Shrug. Write this weekend off as a success!

team gingerbread said...

eric - well it's a success in that way, but I'm still dealing with the aftermath.

I mean if I had to d it again, I probably would have played it the same way though...

(my verf word moot)

La Chou said...

Well I hope tomorrow is better. Filled with hot men dancing around in tight shirts and copious amounts of free coffee/alcohol.

team gingerbread said...

No alcohol tomorrow, at least that I'm planning on, but hopefully the free drinks are flowing on Saturday when we go out with The Archaeologist, [redacted], and The Shy Guy

half the battle said...

Ah those rose colored classes. Much like sunglasses I seem to lose them far too often and only have them when I don't need them. I join you in your drought relief and also in the sentiment that it may be temporary - both a good and bad thing.