Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getting 'gnarly' at the show

I figured I'd treat my audience to a work rant because it really has been a long time since I've raged on about the daily grind.

I just got home from the Alexisonfire show, and I must say that even though I missed half of it (stupid work!) I still managed to have a good time.

My closing team at work was so-so, consisting of the girl we hired that was a regular customer at our South shop (so she knows her product) and the new hire, who means well but is downright irritating. She's one of those people that has really good intentions but manages to alienate everyone due to her social retardation.

"It's really nothing personal", I want to tell her, "but, I fucking hate you!"

She's a space-invader (or SI for short). She4 can't resist walking by without trying to playfully grab your arm or something. I'm strictly a hands-off type of person, unless I explicitly allow you to enter my 'bubble' which either occurs after I've gotten to know you really well, or if I'm absolutely hammered and don't care anymore.

She's also another extremely inefficient person. If you ask her to take initiative for herself, she ends up screwing up so badly that you have to trail after her and fix her mistakes as she goes along, but if you leave her to her own devices she'll come up with assinine questions every two seconds or so.

Ex. I'm tagging some snowboarding jackets that the guys store had brought over

SI: Can I tag those?
TG: No, and get out from behind the counter. If [store owner] catches you, you'll get in trouble!
(minutes later)
TG: Didn't I tell you to get away from behind the counter?
SI: (looks dumbfounded)

Ex.2 At the front of the store changing a mannequin, as I've been known to do when I'm bored

TG: Hey, can one of you grab this vest?
(tweedledee and tweedledum fumble around in the back of the store)
TG: Uh, hello?
(more fumbling, neither of them appear to be making an effort to come to the fdront of the store)
TG: (exasperatedly throws white vest to the ground and finishes changing the mannequin)
(5 minutes later, SI emerges)
SI: Oh, you're up here. We were trying to figure out where you were...We though there was something for us in the back room, and we were looking for it
TG: (wonders why it took them so long, as the back room is literally the size of a toilet stall)

The only thing keeping me going so far is my Thanksgiving plans this weekend and the knowledge that Laguna Beach is only two days away.

Team gingerbread mumbles Laguna, Laguna to herself in anticipation


Eric said...

Everyone keeps talking about Thanksgiving and it makes me go all whoa... wha!?!

then I realize..

I know way too many Canadians.

team gingerbread said...

Yeah. I got to celebrate it twice (2x the turkey!) when I went to Dartmouth

GigglePixie said...

SI sounds like a total airhead!! I wonder if she has to leave a trail of crumbs to find her way home every night.

nicole said...

Seriously, you need a sitcom. I'd watch it every frickin WEEK!

And I'm in love with "space invader". The concept not the implementation.

team gingerbread said...

Yeah, after conversing with several coworkers and people at our guys' store, and it's official: she's the most hated new employee