Friday, October 20, 2006

The Deadline (brought to you by the letters 'P' and 'K')

So standard, I had to have a staff meeting scheduled at 9 on the day that I got off at six.

Next I needed to figure out how to kill 3 hours in the worlds largest mall, thus a mini shopping extravaganza was in order. A coworker and I decided to multi-task and hit up every even remotely interesting store in a whirlwind of power shopping and credit cards.

All told, we managed to hit at least 9 or 1o stores, go to the bathroom twice and get beverages, all in the alloted time span. I ended up with 4 nondescript tanks, a couple of necklaces, a hoodie from our guys shop, eye shadow that I need to exchange (it was the wrong colour), a beer cozy and key ring bottle opener (courtesy of our product knowledge meeting).

This time around the product knowledge (or PK for short) meeting was actually really informative as it was conducted by the reps from two well known snowboard companies.

Today is also two days before I have to officially be 'over' [redacted] (whose number I am now in possession of, btw. Although it's strictly because we need to figure out where we're all going to go/meet up on Saturday) .

Never one to back down from a challenge, I've vowed to get over my little work crush by Saturday, mostly out of guilt than actual necessity, since upon further reflection I highly doubt that I'd ever do anything about it.

I mean, sure I think he's cute, but I'm not physically attracted to him, nor do I think he possesses any of the qualities that I generally look for in a mate.

But only time will tell - well, that and the number of beverages I consume on Saturday...


nicole said...

I swear I leave for all of five minutes and suddenly EVERYONE gets a new blog template!

So what inspired you? ;)

team gingerbread said...

I dunno, I guess the whole minimalist look is more me, lol

The old one felt too cluttered