Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Buyer...or career aspirations

So I've kind of stumbled upon a new passion of mine sort of by accident. As some of you may know, I'm an anthropology major in my last year of what should have been a 4-year degree but is actually turning out to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5...three universities later, no less.

I've always extolled the virtues of my degree, what with it being so flexible and really leaving the door open for careers in fields as diverse as market research (my mom's career of choice, interesting), education, policy, and the like.

Basically, I'm perfectly suited to doing anything that requires data analysis and interpretation. By the end of my degree I should be able to slip into almost any job that interests me, maybe even med school - my original goal. But lately, I've been seriously considering going into retail, but as a buyer.

I've kinda been given free reign at work to suggest styles, brands, and various things that we should be carrying, and I'm always doing a mental tally of product movement, so I think it's a natural fit.

I have a good eye, and know the product really well, so if I were to work for a skate/surf shop I'd really be in my element.

Something to keep in mind I suppose if my dreams of med school don't pan out, even though it's supposed to be my destiny - my grandfather and uncle were basically pioneers of pathology in Canada and we even have a building named after my family at McGill.


mike said...'s always good to have a plan.

Blogmad hit!

Maritza said...

Not a bad career choice. There's alot of pressure (you know that already) but it's incredible training for other careers too. I had a friend who worked for Tommy Hilfiger and made big bucks as first a buyer then as a production manager.

team gingerbread said...

Yeah, I'd like to think that I thrive under pressure.

The most important things for me is to be doing something that I like, and applying my degree (if possible)

nicole said...

I had no idea anthropology equipped you for so many career fields. Maybe I missed my calling...

musicalrose123 said...

Wow, good luck with everything you do in life! And yes, cmoputers are so very annoying though I think its living in a rural area that does with the frequent power cuts and all!