Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Holler back now

Nicole's post about outdated urban slang just jogged my hazy drunken memory about how my roommate confirmed, once again, that I'm the whitest black person ever.

I was talking about how one of the stores that I get a huge discount in at the mall is having a purse sale (50% off!), and since it's an urban store, I've only been in there a handful of times (like 3 times really, and all but one were because I was pretty much forced to go there). We were chatting about all the different brands of purses that were on sale right now and I casually mentioned RocaWear, and the music all but stopped.

"Uh, RocaWear? You know you just mispronounced it right?" spat The Christitute (my only black friend btw, and she's half)

"Guys, I know how it's pronounced! It's just I'm so used to referring to RVCA (pronounced Ru-ka) all day long that I messed up - also, I'm quite drunk right now"

"Whatever! It's just further proof the you're the whitest black person ever, jeez..."

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