Monday, August 14, 2006

The Unstable Roommate

Shirley's got Hover, and I've got...The Unstable Roommate (formerly know as The Fauxhawk).

Just once, I'd like for you to be able to walk by a room that I'm in, or past a conversation that doesn't involve you and keep your mouth shut.

You're so effing awkward that it pains me to be in the same room as you sometimes. I really don't think you get just how much I hate pointless chit chat! If you don't have something useful to say, just save it. I should be able to sit in the living room alone watching Laguna Beach without you sauntering by, pausing, looking at the tv, and then asking me what I'm doing/watching.

Uh, some TV?

Oh (TUR's little heart is crushed as she goes outside to chainsmoke herself to death)


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Sunday, August 13, 2006
That's just how we roll...
Saturday was the complete opposite of Friday, all of the people on the sales floor were working together really well and we sold a lot big ticket items, so when I ran into The Christitute on my way home, I actually felt like going out even though they planned on going to a lame bar.

My only caveat, that I had to be stupefyingly drunk before I would even set foot in the door.

TC headed off to the liquor store and I walked the rest of the way home to drop off my stuff and get changed. I had initially planned on drinking Strawberry Hill (the flavour of Boone's with the highest alcohol percentage) but they only had it warm so I went with a cold bottle of their Sangria flavour instead. Probably not the best decision I've made, but whatevs.

I met up with TC again and we walked over to one of our sorority sisters' house and pregamed there for a while (she had promised free booze if we came over and pregamed with her). By this point we were getting beyond tipsy so we headed out almost immediately after the guys got there.

We got separated from the group when transit security approached us because TC and I had bus passes and the other hadn't paid. Turns out they were just doing their rounds, but the train came and we figured we'd meet up with them downtown anyways. TC and I busied ourselves with drinking out contraband liquor as quickly as possible.

The line at the bar was way too long and after waiting for about 10 minutes we decided to head down the street to find something else. I don't know exactly when it started going downhill but I eventually realised that I was both really drunk and really tired. TC hailed me a cab but I was too lazy to actually walk over initially, but I gathered my strenth and tottered over and after what seemed like the longest ride ever, got home, proceeded to push all my clean laundry aside and passed out on top of my sheets.

I neglected to set my alarm, but thatnks to whoever called at 10 am, I wasn't late for work. I was, however, still quite drunk when I woke up, and didn't sober up until nearly 2 o'clock. I had to train one of the new girls at work too, but I really couldn't even string a sentence together so I don't know how effective that was.

Today was the sixth day of my '12 days in a row' (still too hunger to be creative) work stint - the end is near. I'm going to celebrate by buying purses with TC and KR on pay day.

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