Thursday, August 17, 2006

The paper trail - or how we were thisclose to being homeless

Nothing can run too smoothly in our lives for very long, or so it seems.

Our house situation is kinda complicated but in a nutshell, the way it works is that at the end of each month , after paying all the rent, there is a lump sum left over - it's supposed to cover bills, house supplies, and the remainder sits in the account until the end of term and we usually get a fairly significant break on rent for the last month.

Except that remainder has been going directly into the pockets of a now ex-roommate (he had been living there over the summer because we were desperate for a roommate at the time) and he used the extra funds to bankroll his summer and cover his portion of the rent for the past two months - something we discovered just a few short days ago.

Why he would think it acceptable to siphon our money into his pockets is completely beyond me, but I suppose he feels entitled for some odd reason.

The only reason we discovered his little scheme is that one of the girls in the sorority had decided to take over the house stuff for the school year and requested all the info and the remainder of the money be transferred to her so that the transition could go as smoothly as possible. After an extended war of words, it came to light that he had actually used the two months of rent from one of our other roommates (she had paid in advance becasue she went away for a month and a half to visit family) to pay his own for July and simply didn't to pay his own for Augsust, leaving us short a substantial amount of money, and almost resulting in every tennant's eviction when we had actually all paid our rent.

All of this occured on an empty stomach, before noon, and no coffee was involved. What a swell Monday morning that was!

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