Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's like apples and Cadillacs

It's gotten to the point in my morning Gender class that people are actually making not so subtle barbed comments about the mature student at the front. Some random guy at the back also informed us that the other girl who sits at the front with her is actually her daughter. So it's a mother-daughter tag team duo. More fun with mature students:

prof: what do you call a woman going though menopause?

mature student: (exclaims emphatically) fabulous!

prof: umm no that's not quite what i was going for

man in back: fuck! (exclaims somewhat quietly and simulates shooting himself in the temple)

others nod sympathetically

man in back: please, kill me now!

sophia: it would be so awkward to be in the same class as your mom

gingerbread: well, it would be cool if she bought you your books

sofia: umm...it would be cool if your mom wasn't stupid

yeah, I still hate mature students

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