Monday, January 23, 2006

Bitch, Please! aka. 75¢ draft night at Scholar's

As you may well have heard, Gingerbread and Latte are friends with the fabulous Pancake & Waffle. Waffle invented this ingenious little drinking game called 'Bitch, Please!' and Gingerbread was the overall winner. These rules were taken from the Adventures of Pancake & Waffle.

The Official Rules of Bitch, Please!

1) This game is a very simple yet very fun game you can play with as little as 2 people or as many as your table allows you. All you need is a penny* for each player and a loonie.

2) Everyone is sitting around a (preferably) circular table. (You can have any table, but circular tables work best). Everyone has one penny. Place the loonie in the center of the table.

3) Starting with one person, push/flick the penny to the center loonie. Get the penny AS CLOSE to the loonie as you can WITHOUT touching the loonie!

4) Wait until every person at the table has flicked their own penny.

5) Whoever's penny lands the CLOSEST to the loonie is the winner for that round! Everyone else has to take ONE drink.

6) If the person flicked their penny and it touches the loonie, that person must take TWO drinks, plus ONE extra drink because they automatically lose that round. Everyone says "BITCH, PLEASE!!" whenever someone's penny touches the loonie.

7) If the person flicks their penny OFF the table, that person must take THREE drinks, plus ONE extra drink because they automatically lose that round. Again, if this occurs, everyone yells, "BITCH, PLEASE!"

8) If one person has their penny land very close to the loonie, the next player can make the other person's penny touch the loonie, thus requiring the person take two drinks, plus one because they lose that round. Yell, "BITCH, PLEASE!"

9) The "kill two bitches with one penny rule": If you flick your penny so that you make two people's pennies touch the loonie, you make those two people take two drinks each, plus another one because they lose that round! Yell, "BITCH, PLEASE!"

10) Any spillage of drinks automatically makes the person lose that round, therefore they must consume one drink.

11) When you are finished playing the game, you yell "PARTY DONE!" in your best Caribbean accent.

12) Have fun!!!

*you must, however, use a penny. DO NOT substitute a nickel, dime or quarter for the penny. it up and zip it out!

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