Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Any Takers?

I had planned on going to the gym.

It's this new thing I'm doing to balance out my crap lifestyle choices of eating utter garbage, smoking, and generally not caring about all of that, but I slept in like whoa, and woke up around 9am, went back to bed and got up around 10.

I could not sleep yesterday, and though I'm certain I was hallucinating all this, I don't think I actually went to be before 4 am. In fact, I distinctly recall walking into the kitchen and glancing at the stove, only to make out a rather fuzzy 4:20 on the stove's display.

I'm still having trouble sleeping (like that Perishers song) but I've discovered a loophole in my insomnia: I have no problems falling asleep in cars, and other moving vehicles.

So now I just need to find someone to drive me around at night before bed, and then gingerly carry me up the stairs (if you're feeling chivalrous) or just onto the elevator if you're not, or you're out of shape.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i'll do it.
i mean, as long as you purchase some gas for me, i'm there
;) i hope you can get to sleep, bebe.