Sunday, August 31, 2008

August: A Month in Review

1. New iPhone, yay! Love, love, love this.

2. My mom is surprised that I managed to email her twice in one day. This is the new me apparently, on top of my game.

3. I can't believe it's (the end of) August already. This is blowing my mind.

4. Quiz: 100 Most common words in the English language - not nearly as easy as it looks. I peaked at 31.

5. I can already tell that my cell phone bill will be an angry looking fat envelope. Save me from myself.

6. Sleepless night are back, who's up for late-night movie marathons? Side note: this is probably the only time you'll catch me actively watching movies, out of sheer boredom, and as a tool for somnolence.

7. I bought a domain - now I just have to see how technologically retarded I am.

8. Setting up a domain is surprisingly simple. Since I'm a huge fan of learning from my mistakes/not asking for help unless I'm drowning - I got it worked out with only a few missteps.

9. I finally got around to seeing Iron Man (meh), The Dark Knight (loved), Skins - a BBC show (loved it as well) and I'm starting in on Mad Men Season 1 this week.

10.Another bonus, the whole sleepless thing lets me power through full seasons of TV on DVD like whoa.

11. The Hills is back and it's boring but I can't just stop watching it. I'm a glutton for punishment.

12. I'm running again, and smoking (don't ask).

13. and I finally bought new shoes. I jsut wanted something simple that I could wear everyday (once I break them in of course, because right now they're killing my feet).

14. Re: #5 my bill was $809.73, but that included the cost of my new hardware (iPhone), and the fact that I went over my data plan for the last billing cycle by a lot. I had already paid for the overages before the physical bill got to my house, so all told I only had to pay ~$400 in new charges, but still.

15. I still need new running shoes, I'm leaning toward Nike Free's or Adidas ZX series shoes (which I already own, and love, but they're getting a little worn)

16. The Difference Between White and Black People: I watched this for about five minutes thinking that it was going to go somewhere - it doesn't, but it's still hilarious.

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