Thursday, July 24, 2008

Currently Fighting with Paypal

Long story short, I'm having trouble with my paypal account. Last time I had issue with them, it took them quite a while to resolve them, but I ended up happy. This time, I can barely even find their contact info on their labyrinth of a site.

How hard is it for you to post a phone number where I can contact you? Seriously.

Then, to post an email address and tell me to send my inquiries there, only to have a form letter automatically sent back telling me that 'this email address isn't monitored'.

Really? Then why would you repeatedly tell me to send and email there, listing it as my only option since I can't for the life of me actually find a phone number.

Today is going to be a long day, I can feel it already.

Update: Turns out FedEx already came by this morning (at 8:02 am, awesome). Foolish me, I was trying to sleep in on my day off (until 9 am - this is true luxury people). They called my house phone, which I didn't hear because it's in the kitchen/I'm a heavy sleeper. Hmm.

Update #2: Paypal jsut sent me a customer satisfaction survey, the gall. Uh, I'm not satisfied because I can't use my fucking account. Does that make sense to you? Instead of spending time purking people blogs to guage consumer (dis)satifaction, how about actually trying to fix the problems at hand?

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Sheila said...

My boss had a problem with paypal a while back and I, of course, was luckily enough to have to be the one to sort it out for him.

I'll see if I can find the number I found after searching their site for an hour.