Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We went to M.I.A. last night. I wasn't going to go for a variety of reasons bt I ended up changing my mind at the last miute - I'm fickle like that. I was supposed to meet up with a girl from work and some of her friends but I got really sketchy reception in the venue (a terribly cavernous place whose reverb alone should prevent it from landing all the top acts is regularly does).

I ended up bumping into my old friends Kat and Jacq, two girls I'd lived with in residence my first year living here. We just watched the concert from the right side of the stage, because we were all pretty fashionably late - but we had to move because of the extreme concentration of hiptards.

Eventually we found better standing/dancing room a little to the right of centre only to be repeatedly accosted by the e-tards dancing in front of us - seriously this one dude kept tackling/head butting us. This other tall dude behind us going into a bit of a shoving/screaming match with a girl half his size about what, we couldn't quite figure that out, but I'm just going to say there were a ton of douchebags in the crowd.

The Show itself was pretty good, although the sound quality sucked, which had more to do with the revue, than M.I.A. herself. I definitely didn't get as sweaty as I'd expected.

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