Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Hills: An Unexpected Friend

I just re-watched this week's second episode of The Hills because I was beyond bored, recap follows:

  • Lauren - do not sleep with the enemy for chrissakes!
  • How much did the producers have to pay FIDM to coordinate a 'surprise' computer class matchup
  • The music this episode is much better than the last
  • Whitney is being thrown to the wolves
  • "You have to wear black. I don't know if you know this, but everybody wears black" - Kelly Cutrone
  • The ladies from Sass & Bide looked like they had just been blindsided, as if they didn't know that a newbie would be handling their big show
  • Um, Chiara, I don't know what your office is all about, but maybe we could cover our stomachs while we're at work, mmkay?
  • I like how Audrina needed to be prompted to ask for further details on the whole She-Pratt computer class fiasco
  • She-Pratt should have decided to 'stay out of things' a little sooner, rather than later. How is she going to explain to Heidi that she apologized to Lauren
  • Loving Janet Jackson's'Feedback - I live under a rock, so this is the first I've heard of it.
  • Loved that little jacket that the last model was wearing - a sort of nu-Madras print
  • Did you mean work ethic, Whitney? (I meant to throw this in on Tuesday, actually)
  • I love how Heidi's wearing a $150 cardigan to paint her walls, have you never heard of a plain white tee?
  • I loved how fast Heidi's neck snapped around when She-Pratt admitted to apologizing to Lauren
  • Has Lo completely stopped wearing makeup/doing her hair?
  • Could you have wider teal blue bra straps Heidi, pull yourself together
  • I'm glad that Specer has given up on the whole facial hair idea
  • You're so homeless, and so lame" - She-Pratt
  • Spencer, no one calls her 'LC' anymore
  • Is it just me, or has Spencer gained a little weight?
  • "The whole no cancer thing, that's good!' "I know, if I could only stop going to tanning beds..." Lauren, then She-Pratt on her quitting smoking
  • Next Week's Preview: Why would you invite her to your birthday party, are you just asking for drama and the Spencer facial hair thing is back. He looks like one of the flip card from 'Guess Who' (does anyone remember that game?)


Anonymous said...

omg! he totally does look like one of the Guess Who characters!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Spencer has definitely gained weight, could be all the DOUCHE he's eating