Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Hills: Girls Night Out

Heidi - rocking the hooker tights from American Apparel(?) or perhaps more expensive hooker tights

I feel for Heidi when she's reaching out to Audrina

"OMG. Did you use all the turkey for your one sandwich? Um, no this half is for me and this half is for you." - She-Pratt and Spencer

Uh, Heidi you need to work on your fake-laugh

Heidi looked so uncomfortable until she got her jealousy on

Spencer is the biggest lurker ever. Is that what you call giving someone some space

You can't pull off that jacket Heidi, hardly anyone can...

Those girls eye-fucked the shit out of Heidi as they entered that bathroom!

We're back to tepid music programming I see

Way to turn the situation around and make it about you Lauren, let Audrina tell her freakin story

If looks could kill, Jessica (of PR) is not happy to be usurped by Whitney

Heidi insisted on poorly feigning disinterest so that her coworker would ask her "what's wrong" If you have something to say, just dish

Amazingly, Lauren appears to have impressed Mama Cutrone at the Whitley Kros show

I wanted to punch Spencer in the face when he kept interrupting every.single.word when Heidi was trying to get her point across

Unfortunately, he has a point, and he can't be

Mama Cutrone "You're gone up the ladder to become a Bitch-in Training" to Whitney "and Lauren you've gone from slow-mo to fashion glow". heaps of praise all around.

Did Mama Cutrone just say OMG

Oh, Jessica, I think that you're that change that MC is speaking of - she looked like she wanted to cry

I like how S+H had their heart-to-heart in some back alley

Next Week: The Return of JB!!!

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