Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bullet Notes on The Hills (Ep. 22 & 23)

The Hills: When Spencer Finds Out?

  • Brody does totally look like Matthew Fox on the last season of Party of Five
  • Even Stephanie realises that going to Lauren's shindig is a bad idea
  • Um, Lauren if you're going to welcome Stephanie back into your life, isn't it time you did the same to Heidi?
  • Loved that I recognized a Tokio Hotel song before the prompt came up on the screen
  • Dear Spencer, you're obviously still dating. Yes, you're on a break but we all know that that still technically counts as dating, as per that Friends episode
  • "I meet girls and I'm just like I don't know if I have a girlfriend!" - Spencer
  • Did Lo and Frankie have a thing? When did I miss this?
  • I'm surprised Lo didn't spit her drink into Lauren's face when she let it slip that She-Pratt was invited
  • "Helping myself to my food, nice" - She-Pratt
  • Where does everyone get these cheesy wooden cutouts that hang out on their mantles?
  • "When does the maid come, because she needs to do those sheets on my couch?" - Spencer
  • Way to punch the gift horse in the mouth
  • Well that's not going to end well, if Heidi's coworker is working the door, she'll for sure find out about the slight in 2 seconds flat
  • Shouldn't your friends' mouths agape be a sign that maybe something is wrong? Lauren, please pull your head out of your ass
  • If anything, she should be listening to her friends if only because she has an awful history of making the worst possible decision
  • I hate when dudes you like are all "She's cool you would really like her..." as if they're totally oblivious
  • Brody may be a bit of a tool, but if even he has misgivings about She-Pratt Lauren, you need to take heed
  • Um, Spencer could you maybe take you effing shoes off when you're a guest in someone's house, especially if your feet are up on the couch
  • "You're making yourself cry thinking about what you did" he kind of has a point here
  • Is it ridiculous headband day at FIDM?
  • "I don't really ever want to cause fights, but you didn't do anything wrong" - you can't have it both ways Lauren, if you're going to go postal on Audrina for hanging with Heidi you can't expect there to be a different set of rules when you're involved

The Hills - Just Be Careful

  • Whitney's back
  • It seems like Lauren doesn't really have scenes at work now that Whitney's not there
  • Rules for LA Fashion Week from Mama Cutrone:
  • I expect total devotion
  • This whole LA 9-5 hours thing is a no go
  • Expect to be here every night until at least 11
  • You must wear all black
  • I don't want to see your boobs
  • I don't want to see your peircings
  • I don't care if you have tattoos, I don't want to see them
  • Don't question me
  • Don't roll your eyes at me
  • I'm not here to be your friend
  • Emily, you're not here to be their friend
  • Support and delegation is key
  • We get it Lauren, Whitney's desk is empty, get over it
  • Just because you're not really doing anything doesn't mean that everyone else is responsibility-free
  • I have an insane obsession with Aly and AJ - so stoked that "Like Whoa" palyed on this episode
  • Really Audrina, how did you keep your friends while you were dating someone, exactly?
  • Those green pants that Heidi was wearing were definitely spicy. I don't know if I love them or hate them...
  • Whitney and I have the same gym-steez - big baggy tee, bright sports bra, baggy spandex, full makeup, mad accessories
  • Kaila Yu - "Hello Drama" so prescient.
  • I find it funny that Audrina categorizes her friends in two categories, her "good friends", and Lauren
  • Hello Luke, the hot stylist from PR
  • Doorbells at Casa Conrad always equal drama
  • It's good that Audrina was able to remain diplomatic when faced with the inconsistencies of Lauren's friend policies

Next week: Spencer, you are a tool. I wonder how Lauren is going to react when finds out Audrina was partying with the enemy once again. I'm happy that Lauren was able to impress Mama Cutrone.

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