Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Nails Match My Workout Wear

I finally got my new running shoes, and in my excitement, I decided to actually wear them to the gym without breaking them in first - needless to say, I was in pretty dire straits almost right awa, but I persevered. My current colour of nail polish happens to match my new shoes perfectly, but I was getting sick of the the hot pink so I painted my nails anew last night.

I picked the second shade that I had bought last weekend, a sparkled purple, that just so happens to match my new American Apparel sweater. I bought a bunch of gym shirts from AA a couple of weeks ago, and I had a rather rotund bag propped up against my door upon my return home. The colours are kind of blah for the most part, but I'm essentially only wearing said shirts at the gym - the last thing I need is more t-shirts; at last count, I was approaching 80.

I keep forgetting to look into flights to Vancouver for my end of March concert-weekend but it jsut seems so far away and I've got far more important things on my plate right now.

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