Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Against the Grain

I am constantly confounded by people who insist on going against your wishes simply because they think that 'you want it that way, and that you're simply confused: see all things related to my birthday/Christmas/any other holiday that isn't solely celebrated by drinking then forgotten immediately afterwards. I'm just not a celebratory person, and I'm sorry that it upsets you so much (actually, I'm not that sorry - I just don't care).

I'm not anti-birthday because I secretly want you to go behind my back and plan some elaborate surprise party (I hate surprises, FYI), but more because I just think people spend too much time worrying/thinking about stuff that isn't all that important in the grands scheme of things. So if you really want to get me a birthday gift, try reducing your energy consumption, or not driving to the corner store to pick up something you probably could have gone without.

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