Thursday, February 07, 2008


I slept in this morning and I awoke to my phone ringing, but it stopped before I could answer it. That's when I noticed that the visual fire alarm beacon in my room was flashin quite angrily but there was no audio cue to match it's intensity. I contemplated just throwing the blankets over my eyes, but decided against that and threw on a bra - if our building's maintenance people were going to intrude on my day off, I was at least going to be presentable, unlike the last time our beacon's were malfunctioning.

Assuming that they wouldn't need to get into my room, I had done a gentle cycle laundry, and was air-drying every single bra that I owned.

My room is a mess right now, as I've done laundry on every single day off I've had for the past month, but haven't quite put it away. Opting instead to leave it in the clean hampers, which are now overflowing and staring accusingly at me from across the room.

Now I face the seemingly interminable task of folding my millions of shirts and organizing my dresser. Wish me luck.

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Tracey said...

I too am surrounded by hampers of clean clothes...I hate the sorting process.